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Last Updated: May 28, 2023

Big Block Chevrolet

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Arias Hemi Chevy

Arias Hemi Chevy

The ultimate street crate engine! 540 cubic inches. Oil pan to manifold, can be run as a single 4 bbl motor or supercharged! Merlin 3 block, cast iron 10.200 deck 4.500 bore. Eagle forged crankshaft 4.250 stroke Eagle H beam connecting rods Arias forged pistons for the Hemi Chevy with pins rings Isky hydraulic roller camshaft Pro comp electronic ignition Milodon timing set Milodon oil pan for Hemi Chevy Milodon water pump Melling high volume oil pump Clevite Premium engine bearings

$18900.00 - and up

Arias Hemi Chevy cylinder heads includes:

Arias Hemi Chevy cylinder heads includes:

1 pair of cast aluminum Hemi Chevy cylinder heads completely assembled with premium Stainless valves, seals, springs, retainers & locks, 2 pair of Rocker arm assemblies with billet rocker stands, heat treated rocker shafts, heat treated intake rocker arms with needle bearing tips included with tool steel adjusters. 1 set Manton push rods with tool steel tips 1 pair cast alum. valve covers & breathers 1 set spark plug tubes and seals 1 pair of steel header flanges 1 cast alum intake manifold (blower or carb.) 1 cast aluminum valley cover gaskets for heads, valley cover, hardware for cylinder heads valve cover and breathers Cylinder head kits assembly and dyno tested


739 hp. @ 6500 rpm with a 1-1 street blower and 3 pounds of boost!