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Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Big Block Chevrolet

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Billet aluminum rods

Billet aluminum rods

100% American made! Fully CNC machined 7075 material,7068 is availible any pin size any reasonable length, ARP 2000 bolts, optional L-19 bolts, Direct replacement for Brooks B-2 rods, Cryogenic metal processing availible +$125.00, best value on the market!

$925.00 - /set

2-week turnaround time.

Crower connecting rods

Crower connecting rods

For sportsman type rods

$695.00 - and up!

Pro billet and titanium rods available by request.

Arias blown gas pistons

4.280 - 4.310 bore with pins

$698.00 - /set

BB Chevy Arias 12-1 pistons

4.280-4.310 new ! set of 8 with pins

$630.00 - /set

Venolia forged connecting rods

Venolia forged connecting rods

Venolia forged connecting rods any reasonable length fast turn around on custom orders